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The aesthetics of analog instruments

       Analog sound waves are continuous, meaning there are no interruptions or breaks.
       Digital signals aren't continuous -- they create short bursts of sound of the correct
       pitch and volume and collect them together to simulate a sound wave.

       Audiophiles value a concept called fidelity, which refers to how true a recorded sound is
       to the original source of that sound: A high-fidelity recording should sound almost as if
       youwere present during the original performance of the audio.

       If an audiophile tells you that a particular recording has a warm sound, it means that the medium has captured the lower frequencies faithfully.


                   - recording                           - broadcast                          - digitizing                            - music production                    - web art
                   - mixing                               - field recording                    - video editing                      - analog modeling                     - internet precense
                   - mastering                          - live recording                     - graphic design                    - support                                 - label maker

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